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James P. Colgan and Ann K. Colgan of the Colgan Law Firm LLC provide full service legal representation in Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Johnson Counties in Kansas.

We handle all civil and criminal matters in state and federal courts including:
  • Criminal Felony Charges
  • DUI/DWI Defense
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Paternity
  • Civil Litigation
  • Estate Planning

Our firm has years of experience in successful trial work. Sometimes a case might settle by mutual agreement but there are times when a trial is necessary. Success comes with diligent preparation. If you don´t hire an experienced trial attorney to handle your case you are at a great disadvantage. Trial lawyers know how to prepare a case for trial or settlement. Our experienced firm will diligently prepare your case. We are also not hesitant to try a well prepared case.

Contact our office (913)721-9999 for either James or Ann to assist you today.

Family Law Lawyer, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Johnson Counties in Kansas.
Ann and James Colgan

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law
    • - Divorce
    • - Child Custody
    • - Child Support
    • - Paternity
    • - Guardianship
    • - Adoption
  • Criminal Law
    • - Federal or State Felonies
    • - DUI/DWI Defense
    • - Municipal Defense
  • Personal Injury
    • - Automobile Accidents
    • - Injuries to self or relatives
    • - Injuries at work
  • Probate and Estate
    • - Will and Living Trust Drafting
    • - Estate Administration
    • - Estate Planning
  • Civil Litigation
    • - Contracts
    • - Harmful Disputes

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